TaoTronics 120W LED lights

I'm probably going to buy one of these for my sump to replace my 4bulb 24" T5. I may get an ocean revive though.
Are they still running strong im going to buy 3 of them for my 125 have you put any sps in the tank yet?
Lights are still working fantastic! About 16 months of everyday use. The only negative I can say is that the fan guards start to rust.....but I clean mine often and have no problems. I'm very happy with these lights and value! I hope everyone else has good luck!
UPDATE: One of the lights has lost the blues. I'm not sure what happened but they wont light up anymore. The other fixture is working great. It seems as if this could be fixed but I may just replace for the price. Whites are working fine still on that fixture.
Well we are close to 2 years of use on these lights. Like I stated before I would update everyone on their functions. One fixture is still working great and the other fixture only runs the whites. My thoughts on this are for the price 2 years of service is fantastic. Everything in my tank has stayed alive and well. I did just order a new fixture to replace the "only white" fixture today from ebay. I will share that one with you all when it arrives. It is a different brand but appears to be the same fixture with more functions. I believe it is even less expensive than I originally paid for these fixtures.

Have a great day all!
3 Years later and 1 fixture is still going strong!! I have updated the second fixture after failure and it has worked well for the last year.


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