Ghetto blue led accents!


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Hey all. I recently got the marineland reef capable LEDs with integrated timer and am liking it so far other then the lack of blue colour I want when the day times are on. It's more then enough when it's just the moonlight in fact it may be too much for my shallow tank. Anyways I've been looking around for some type of Accent lights I can add to my existing fixture to allow for a more blue look when my day times are on. I've read reviews on the ecoxotic stunner strips and from what I've read are great for just moonlighting. Also looked at the trulumen light strips and really not that impressed with them either only being 3-4 LEDs on it. I'm making this assumption because I also have the marineland double bright led fixture which also has 4blue led on it. I paired this with my reef capable LEDs. The reefs on daytime blue and whites and the double brights on just blues and there was no noticable difference. Now this may seem like a crazy idea and would love some feedback as maybe one of you also crazy people may have tried this. But I seen these (links below)and thought hmmmm I wonder.. now i know pretty much next to nothing when it comes to lighting and all. Which is why im asking for some of your advice. THey seem easy enough to integrate with my current leds. MAybe they are overkill? I know they arent meant for aquariums but they are weatherproof so i assume they would do fine over water as long as they are secured properly. I included a screenshot that says the intensity and all that electrical mumb jumbo in hopes to get some better advice. Also with these you can purchase a dimmer switch that takes them from 0 to 100% which i thought was kind of neat. Please let me know what you think. Either its really dumb or kind of smart either way i can take it :) Also its the blue im looking at..obviously.


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I'm not even going to look because I'm not an electrician and I failed physics. That said, I would go with some stunners. Maybe get a magenta, too? They sure look cool.
I agree kbuser they do look really cool and that's the route I was going to go one blue one blue/Magenta until I read some reviews. Ppl claim that with their daytime lights on the didn't notice a difference with the stunner strips on. Keep in mind though they were much larger and deeper tanks then mine. I'll have to do a bit more research about them. With all products there's always amazing and terrible reviews so it's hard to judge this early yet. Thanks for input though.
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Got an idea. I was at a new LFS near my house (man am I gonna get in trouble) and he was using the Marineland hidden LED's. Idk if you can find some just blues, but they looked really good over his FOWLR tanks. He had 2 24" fixtures as the only light on a 55 and those things put out some light!
Yeah, it sure lit up that 55. I mean all the way down. He had 2 on a 75 that looked a lot dimmer (again, FOWLR), but he mentioned he is debating on fitting a couple more or going with something different there.
HEY! BLUE! Lol I didn't even look at your link the first time. But that's exactly it, except his were the like 10,000°K with some 460 mm or whatever.
They look cool. I'd be curious as well. Whites would be useless for me but 16 blue LEDs would be great. Gonna do some reading on it. May have to order these.