Asterina STar !!!!


Go Big Or Go Home !
Ok So about a month back I found a pretty big Asterina Star Fish and pulled him out in case he went rouge and started eating my corals. Anyways I Figured there would be more couse no way theres just one.

Last couple weeks iv ben noticing my Coraline algea Disapering and looks like its ben eaten just like the spot where I got the Asterina from last time. After some really close inspection I noticed a bunch of small asteria. So I took out the Tons and started pulling them out. I got about 20 to 25 out really small. They where all over my rocks eating my coralline. I Started to look at my corals to make sure none had stars on them and im clear lol. Might look into getting a harlequin shrimp to take care of these guys.

Actually now that im reading it seems these guys eat all sea stars ???? Will they eat my linkia ???? Might have to just keep removing these guys when I see them.
Thinking I might get the shrimp and place my linkia in the sump for a week or so then exchange the shrimp for some credit or something
Yeah was reading this alot. Seems they actually prefer linckias. Lol. Well ill just keep picking them out as i see them. And if it gets to be to much i can rehome my linckia to the fuge for a couple weeks wille the shrimp do there job.
Thats crazy! Ive got a bunch in my sump, but they dont appear to be doing anything. I think its a good decision just to keep pulling them out and not introducing the shrimp. Good luck
Pulled out about another 30 or so today, this is crazy. I think I might have to get the shrimp and just place my linckia in fuge for a couple. going to see what happens in the next couple weeks by me picking them out and then ill go from there.
I know this doesn't help you, but I guess I have been fortunate, I have one or two that I have seen in my tank, and no significant lose of coralline. But with this cautionary tale, I will definitely be more alert to any population explosion.
My dad bought one of these from a LFS...they actually charged him for it. I wasn't there to stop it from happening.

After he broke down his tank he gave me all his rock, so that one star fish found his way into my tank. After 2 years I started seeing a few here and there. One night I couldn't sleep, so I got up to check the tank with my red light.

There were HUNDREDS in my 47g high. I started pulling them by the handfuls and I'd keep check a couple nights a week. During the day I'd only see a couple here and there.

I ended up picking up two harlequin shrimp. After about 2-4 weeks the tank was clear of them as far as I could tell. Shrimp went back to a different LFS for the price I bought them. I seriously don't think I could have kept them in check without the shrimp.