Reefing newb
I was wondering i bought 30 pounds of it and was going to use it in the twenty im starting, getting rid of the ten, help apreciated. thanks
sorry about info

was going to make 3 inch bed with it and should i put my crushed coral in with it for the bacteria or let it cyle all over agian, use my same water just mix ten gallons new. thanks
If you have live rock you can just use the new substrate, the old live rock and if you use a filter just leave the same filter media in it for a week or so and all should be fine.

Just make sure you rinse it extremely well... when you think its clean rinse it for another three hours HEHE.

Good luck.
using crushed coral depends on its size and what you intend to use for your substrait sturers. if you intend to use a sea cucumber i recommend no crushed coral, otherwise, your choice. if you had luck with it in the other system mix it and reuse it. rinse in salt water from old tank well before remixing though.
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I used about 40 lbs of live sand in my 29 gallon,so for your 20 thirty lbs should more than enough substrate.As the others suggested the live rock you have and exsisting filter will seed your new tank with bacteria.also you may want to put more dead or live rock in yor new setup for a total of 25lbs or more