Adding reactor....questions!

Big K

Reefing newb

I have an elaborate system incorporating a 55 reef, 110 FOWLR, 20 Frag, and a 40 Sump. the sump is in the basement and I was wondering if I added a dual carbon/GFO reactor to the system could I tie it into the down line from the 110 and not have to feed it with a pump? Or would I need to put it into the up pipe to get more pressure? That would take away from my flow to the tank though?

The head/fall is about 14 feet and it's a 1" line. I was thinking a 1"x 1/2" tee in that line feeding the reactor. Will it get enough flow?
Installing it on return side could cause some problems. You need head pressure to push threw the reactor and I would think you would back up the 110. All equipment should be installed pump side.
Agreed that in needs pressure, not just flow through. I typically run my reactors as separate units. That means they have their own pump. I pump from the inlet end of my sump and return to the outlet side of the sump near the return pump.