75G Curve corner tank w/ custom stand and sump

This is my 75 gallon curved corner tank. It comes with the tank, overflow, drain plumbing from the overflow to the sump, includes a 30 gallon custom DIY sump.

The drain plumbing also includes a water change port, where you can pull some water from the active flow(this is where the flex hose is connected.

The stand is a custom DIY built unit, includes 2 3 foot t5 built in lights, the outlet strips, and so forth... the timers pictured in on the inside of the door is where I had my lighting controls. Timers aren’t included in the deal(but everything is negotiable) also inside the custom stand there is a movable/removable shelf for a refugium or storage.(I had a 10gal tank sitting on the shelf, so it should be strong)

I'm only selling this due to a upgrade, i need the floor space.

Comes with a canopy, but there are no electrics in the canopy. The canopy is hinged and has magnetic latches all the way around to make your tank chores easier...

also comes with tank lids, one lid ear is broken off, (but it doesn’t hurt the function or the looks)

there is also the original stand that can be included with the system if a deal is agreed upon.

I haven’t cleaned the coralline algae off the tank cause I didn’t know if other people would want it or not... so I left it for now, but it can always be cleaned off pretty quickly.

also included in the deal is a Rena fill star x-3 canister filter... unit needs 1 o-ring.



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I'm definitely not close enough to come pick it up. And you might be a little high in price... 110Gallon w/ Sump is $400 by me. Just saying. :s
Hmm ok. Well then I guess I outta come down on the price some. Whaddyall think would be a "fair" price. I mean I know we all wanna make a mint and pinch every penny depending on which side of the transaction we're on, but what? 300?
yea, i'd need to get something outta the deal... either tools i can use, or money i can spend or something that i need... i'd consider a trade if i felt like it was a fair deal...