Selling entire reef tank setup $750 - NY tri-state area only


Reefing newb
It comes with a heavy heart that I have finally come to a place financially where I can no longer continue to care for the marine life at the level they deserve. I've tried to prolong this as long as I could, but its simply too much money for me at this time, esp in the aftermath of a divorce. I am posting this ad here because I would very much like to see my tank and its inhabitants go to a fellow enthusiast who knows what theyre doing and would care for them with the same level of care that I have aspired to for the 6 years I've been engaged in this pasttime.

So here's the deal. I am parting with this tank for a nominal price of $750 which I think is more than fair considering all I'm including with this. All I ask is that you've been engaged in this hobby for 5+ years and are willing to break the tank down and move it yourself. I cannot help you, I was in a bad car accident and it herniated a disc in my back (a fact that has also contributes to this decision)

The list is as follows:
Standard 125 gallon tank LxWxH = 72 x 18 x 21 inches with two overflows
Maple stand and canopy
(2) GLO T5 HO Lighting with (4) 10k bulbs
Protein Skimmer (unknown brand but excellent) w/pump
Pro Clear wet/dry
UV Sterilizer
heater with thermometer
phosphate reactor w/ pump
UPS Battery Backup (excellent unit)
Iwaki Walchem Pump
Digital thermometer
test kits for various measurements
additives (calcium, etc)
glass scrapers

Assorted corals (pictured)
Well over 100 pounds of live rock from various locations
foxface rabbit fish
tomato clown
hippo tang (has HLLE but has been with me since the beginning, the heartiest fish ive ever owned despite the skin condition. Hes not the prettiest to look at but he's survived four tank moves.)
assorted damsels and green chromis
flame hawkfish
assorted snails
i believe there's a strawberry crab somewhere although he's an elusive one.

So feel free to reach me at [email protected]

It goes right to my phone. If you live in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) we can set up a time you can come see the tank and get a feel for the move.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.