The 40B.


Hello, My name is Kyle and I would like to start a little Tank Journal as my build starts up on this 40G breeder I'm building,

System Objectives: To have a slice of the ocean in my hand.

System Type: Fish Only for the first and move into corals as the tank matures.

Strike up Date: Build started April 2013

Display Tank: 40G Breeder (36 x 18 x 16)

Display Lighting: I have a EcoTech Radion Gen 1 w/ upgraded TIR Lenses hanging 11" above water line.

Stand: DIY Stand. 2x4 frame with an Poplar board shell. I used some L brackets to make it more rigid. Also I painted the inside with white marine grade sealant paint and caulked all corners and seams to fight against molds/mildew.

Hood: N/A thinking about a screened top.

Sump: 40G Breeder (36 x 18 x 16) 3 section sump. [Skimmer section l Fuge l Return Section]

Total System volume is approx 75G.

Overflow: Bean Animal Overflow

Refugium: Incorporated into sump design. Macro + Liverock.

Refugium Lighting: AquaRay Mini 400 - 6500K - LED Tile

System Water: FL, Cape Coral

Display Water circulation: Vortech MP10WES.

Controller: Neptune Apex Controller

Return Pump: Not Purchased Yet

Skimmer: NWB110 4" Pinwheel Reef Octopus

Evaporation Top Up Unit: Avast Deluxe ATO

Chemical Support:

Calcium Addition: N/A

Alkilinity Addition: N/A

Current Water Chemistry: N/A
Nitrates: N/A
Phosphates: N/A
Alkalinity: N/A
Calcium: N/A
Salinity / Specific Gravity: N/A
Magnesuim: N/A

I forgot to take pics when building the stand,drilling holes in glass and doing the baffles.. Sorry


Shows you the bean animal plumbing going through the stand so I can have my stand near the wall so some four legged animals cant be exploring where they shouldn't be.


As stated before (four legged animals)Baxter is inspecting everything.


Tank and Sump shot baffles aren't in yet.


Baffles put in and mock set up for sump.


Another sump shot.


Tank shot.


Just installed the overflow box. Had to modify the 90 Elbows to fit the box.. BRS had sent me the overflow box stating it was the right measurements but it wasn't so I drilled the holes based off the measurements. Depth and Height were off 1/4".


I put a back on the stand and painted the inside of the stand with a white marine grade paint and also sealed the corners and all seams inside with caulking.




Made a DIY light tree from some 1" tubing from home depot. Turned out nice and light.


This weekend I have made a nice little saltwater mixing station that works wonders and cuts out a lot of work. 20G jugs I got from Petco FDA Food grade with a Mag5 and Barracuda FX RODI unit.


FTS with ghetto zip tie hanging until the real deal arrives.
Got some new pictures to post.

Have recieved this little piece in the mail.


Well today I also done a little side project. I tossed the ghetto zip tie hanger out the door and was like..

$45.00 For a EcoTech Hanging kit... Dang!

So I went to home depot and bought the supplies needed to make my own version. $15.00 later I came up with this.






Tools needed for this task:


-Pliers and Side cutters
More Pics on my project today.
Painted all sides+bottom except for front viewing of sump. My preference really and something I've seen no one do.


Input? :P
Doors are done, but still rough need to get some filler and a sanding but its surprising what you can make with just a jigsaw and a steady hand.

FYI: this whole build was made with a Jigsaw, crappy 12v Drill and a hammer. You don't need fancy tools to build a stand.


And sorry for the sh*tty Iphone pic.
Well I used magnets...

Didn't turn out like it did in my head..Doors crooked doors sliding..
So I said to the magnets.. [censored....]

So then I went back to work..
And added the hinges..


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Dry scape trial 1 video below.

[ame=]RockScape 40B - YouTube[/ame]

Note at about 00:11 my scape looks like a Skull...

Heres some pictures of my scape.


Front Corner

Back Corner


Input anyone?
Well I was bored so I went to the garage for a little to do some DIYing lol

So I upgraded my Radion hanging cables to something more adjustable with some cool clips from Home Depot, 5-lb strength. Radion being 3.2lbs. I think I'm safe.
I also put a 2inch cable extender in so I can adjsut it from 10" to 12" above water if need be. (26"-28" from bottom of tank.) Or I can go higher with using just one set of clips when I'm doing maintenance.



I also made a Kill switch for the tank w/ a Apex Breakout box into one controller.


Thank you to my friends build I kinda HighJacked his DIY on the breakout box :P