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Reefing newb
Hello everyone..
I found this forum about a month-two months ago.. I've shared a few stories and listened to several others and my wife and I decided it was about time we introduced ourselves, so I thought I'd tell the tale of my first marine aquarium (not nea a complete chapter either)..

My wife & I noticed an aquarium suitable enough for a marine aquarium 150 gal. for $150.. so we decided to go pick it up, I talked them down to $75 due to distance ($50 in fuel) and the aquarium was never cleaned!! So I buy a cheap gps, and off I travel an hour away..

Totally forgetting it will be dark upon arrival, hopped in the explorer took off with my stepson, who is completely against anything that relys on him to survive.. (or so he thinks.. I'm working on getting him into mixed reef..).. without flashlights.. I'm putting images in his head, every time we hang out from you tube & search engines.. Favorite colors, ease of handling a possible 99% self sufficiency, & neat cleaners like the Tiger Pistol Shrimp with the Diamond Watchman Goby. Maybe later adding a Black Percula Clown, and Eibli & Keyhole Dwarf Angels..

So anyway, We get there , strike one.. Tank is in a basement, no climate control, outside temp of 50's.. Ok, I planned on resealing.. Tank seems small, totally me, I think if almost three 55 gal. drums could fit in this thing.. Which was also strange to me being my first encounter with euro bracing..

Ok, second strike, no way is this holding three.. called my wife, told her the situation, (while putting more gas in).. Got a "oh-hell-no" type response I decided to find out its capacity.. I do a quick check of our truck for the usually always prepaired nature I have.. No paddle.. Or tapemeasure..

The gas station happened to be a Sheetz so when I went to prepay the pump I borrowed theirs.. While fueling I measured the inside diameter and researched capacity.. ( Also while we were measuring I looked at my stepson and then I asked him if he remembered when I asked him "any holes, cracks" to which he answered "no".. yeah.. how about this 1" hole on this side, the side you carried..?? Oops.. yeah, oops.. Sorta strike three, bit I planned to drill anyway.. but I am paranoid about redrilling an existing hole.. my bulkheads will require 1 & 3/4"

So, 85 gallons, minus room for live sand & rock I tell my wife, but we can make up the capacity with external skimmer to sump to 20 gal. refugium and finally to the third tank, a containable 10 gallon biofilter, that I can also remove from the display, refugium, return line using pvc t's & gate valves, to instantly turn into a quarantine or acclimation tank..

Decided to accept everything as is, 85, for $75.. Almost retail on a good day, dollar per gal. sales.. So now here we are in planning stage, i feel like i can get my degree in youtubeology.. built a stand, some of the pictures are on another thread, the tank and stand at

So now we are in the process of stripping the old silicone, and prepping the glass before caulking, planning plumbing, and everything to be included; to appear soon "in a thread near you".. I am building on a budget, so I will fully use my "tape or glue, or invent" method.. feel free to adapt or use anything..

Lisa is not so enthusiastic, but is slowly coming around.. I've caught her looking up youtube videos of coral and fishes.. um.. yeah I'm getting ready to relax before work, but wanted to share a story and say a mass hello..

Hope everyone has a wonderful day..
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I am learning some serious patients along with this lifestyle, can't call it a hobby, sounds too passive.. thank you for your well wishes and I promise to keep the photos/progress updates coming!!
Thank you Becky and everyone for your warm welcome.. I will admit I was unaware of the super slow process a marine tank requires.. and working on a limited budget is further slowing that process.. I was hoping to be cycled and have at least the cleaning crew acclamated by my birthday (April, 24th), but I'm not as positive anymore..

Let me edit that, it is possible, if I'd cut corners, shorten cycle, and start-up with just the basics..

Not my style at all.. hell, I'm still trying to choose between only chaetomorpha, or chaeto with miracle mud in the refugium.. T5, metal halide, or leds for the display and refugium..

I'm sure it will all come together, and anyone having spare parts/extra equipment for sale, please let me know..

Thanks again everyone, I truely feel welcome, even though I am new, and have a dry tank..