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Figured it was finally time to post this lol. Been a rough ride. In later October/ early November, I got Bronchitis, Strep, and a Sinus Infection that put me out of comission for almost a full month. During this time, the tank suffered pretty badly. Had to leave it to my fiance to manage things for me... and to her credit, she did a great job with her knowledge! But, it's been almost a full month since the almost crash (As far as corals go. Fish were fine :p). Here's where we're at!75 Gallon Tank - Four holes drilled. Two Drains, and Two Returns.
20 Gallon Sump - Skimmer-Bioballs/Liverock- Macros/Live Rock/Return Pump
Skimmer - Coralife Skimmer
Return Pump - Iwaki Brand External. Forgot the model, but it's the 840 gph one
Lighting - Chinese LEDs (Love em)
Wave Makers - 2 x Wp 25s and 2 x Wp10s2 x SA Black Snowflake
4 x Purple Firefish
1 x Copperband Butterfly
2 x Cleaner Wrasse
1 x Blue Mandarin
1 x Scooter Blenny
1 x Sixline Wrasse
1 x Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse
1 x Horseface Blenny
1 x Massive Sailfin (He's a jerk >_<!)
Assorted Hermits/Snails, Sea Hare x 2, Sand Sifting Star, 2 x Decorator Crabs(My private fraggets :p), and I forget what else!


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With the exception of the Clownfish, everything in the tank is all wild caught. The corals have all been fragged and either kept instead of the MC or put up for sale. Plus 1 for acclimating stuff to home aquariums :)
Cool. That frag tree is interesting. How many plugs can it hold? I like how you call your LED's "Chinese LEDs" LOL So many LED makers out there now. It's gotten easier to find more affordable ones. What controller are you using for it? I'm trying to decide how to pick a good color spectrum for mine.

Hope you rehome the sailfin and copperband soon. They're so big!
I'm not using a controller haha. I'm not sophisticated like that :p. Everything is done manually. The copper band is actually only about 2-2.5". The Sailfin on the other hand is like 7-8". I've got him up for sale at 60$ but for some reason, no one wants it. So I've just been hanging on to him and getting him fatter and fatter lol. It's a shame no one locally wants him :(. Most people are afraid when they hear about transhippers. But, they don't take into account that I acclimate everything to either my systems, or my buddies system before we even offer it up for sale. Frustrating!! But, he's the undisputed king of the tank, so he's happy enough lol