75 Gallon frame question.

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I got a new Marineland 75 gallon tank, ordered the Current arms for my Current LED lights, and sure enough the lip of the frame was too wide to fit the arms, so I figured I'll just cut the lip out with the Dremel tool where i need it. Got it all done then I saw that the piece of paper in the LED arm mount bag actually had instructions which stated "do not cut your tank frame". All I did was to make two cut outs in the inside the tank lip of the frame, I did not cut through the whole frame. Did I screw up, or is this just a CYA statement from Current in case something happens?


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hi Angelfish
i had to do the same to one of my tanks a couple of years ago.
i didnt have a dremel handy at the time so a trusty hot knife approach was used i never had any issues with leaks or it weakening the tank.
i think its just a trim anyway.

A little bit of both. The brace IS structural (keeping the middle of the long sides from bowing out and keeping the top corners together), but that little but shan't hurt a thing. I've done the same before (though for different reasons - had to do with auto top off) and never had any troubles. I think you'll be fine but don't sue me if something does happen!