Zoa Sell off

Adding KH Sunburst for 50.00 per polyp. 12 heads colony of Fruit Loops for 60.00, and a 20+ head colony for 90.00
Do u still have a bunch of stuff I am interested in getting several things and would like to work out details with ya
These are going nuts in the tank, and needed to be cut and sold off to others to enjoy as well.

Woodstocks 10.00 per polyp
Spiderman 10.00 per polyp
Rastas 8.00 per polyp
Blue Agave 25.00 per polyp
Solar Flares 10.00 per polyp
Blonde Blue Eyed Bitches 20.00 per polyp
Sexy Corals Orange Rainbows 25.00 per polyp
Vampire Palys 20.00 per polyp
God of War 20.00 per polyp



Rastas (Good God, I have hundreds of these)

Blue Agaves

Solar Flares

Blonde Blue Eyed Bitches

Sexy Corals Orange Rainbows

Vampire Paly

God of War