Zoa Sell-a-Thon

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Just double the current list to make it $22 should be fine, these will be my first corals in my tank :)
Hey Fastrd400 I haven't heard anything on how I pay and stuff like that...Maybe I just missed it..but what do I do?
I would like
Chong Bong
Captain America
Cherry Charms
Red Hornet 1 polyp
Ring of Fire.

So you want 2 polyps of what's listed except the Red Hornets? Shipping would be 39.95 over night, and 15.95 for 2 day, take your pick. Payment can either be via paypal, or send me a check, up to you.
Cool I will probably prefer the 2 day option, a little cheaper. and yeah 2 heads on all but the one. Could you get me a total when you get a chance? Thank you.
Not open for further replies.