Zoa Sell-a-Thon

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How much for the chalices and monti? And yes, I owe you a pm - mom just left after being in town for a week, so I'll have time to respond tomorrow!
I have 22 chalice frags cut(3 different chalices), wont be ready to ship for a couple weeks. Sunset Monti is the last and final thing being cut out of my tank, which should be tomorrow. Depends which chalice you want.
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Chalices cut in the last 48 hours.

Peach Tumbler 20.00 per frag

Original Mummy Eye 50.00 per frag


No Name Chalice 20.00 per frag
I'm in no rush, let's see how they look in a few weeks then :) Or maybe its just a bad time all around for sunset monti's - the frag in my nano tank continues to look like :pooh:
Well, I fragged it on the hottest day of the year (so far), and it was out of water for longer than I would have liked.
I want one of:
all the hawaiians
sunny delights
chong bong
ring of fire
captain americas
purple death
cherry charms
fruit loops
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