Yellow watchman goby --found after 2 months--


Reefing newb
After losing sight of my YWG about two months ago, I found him tonite in the 3rd chamber of my tank where the stock return pump is at. How do I get him out? It is a small nc6. My small net does not fit back there. Is it easy to remove the pump out of the way? I know it is probably a dumb question, but I am new to this.
Whaaaat! You found him... hahaha Niiiiiiceeee! Be creative.. stick something down there and get him to jump then nag him while he's out.
Yellow WG is now released from solitary confinement!!! Hs is in a little shock as it did take a while to get him out but looks better than I thought, not skinny at all! It was super easy to remove the pump, now I'm going to upgrade to a better one this weekend!! thanks everybody!
Awesome :) He was probably getting food that was leftover from the dt. I'm sure he IS fat seeing as how he had an all you can eat buffet in there all by himself!

One of my chromis went MIA for a few weeks, too...I left him for dead....then during a water change, found him in the return section :) Always nice to find a fish alive.