Long time no see....

So, after being out of the hobby for nearly 6 years the wife and I jumped back into it. This time we spared no expense. 90gal reef ready tank, stand and hood, Razor 320w 15000k LED, 36gal sump, Octopus 150 skimmer, 120lbs LR, 80lbs LS, Sicce 3 powerheads.

I am running a 4 stage RO/DI (2xDI's) after my home water softener to get the purest water possible. I keep it in a 35gal Brute trash can and keep an air stone in it to oxygenate it. I mix my salt in 5 gal buckets with a heater and small PH. I will be doing partial water changes of 10gal bi-monthly. I plan on keeping a relatively small bioload. I now have only 2 Ocellaris clowns and a spotted Goby. I have a cleanup crew. I want to get a Yellow Tang, Flame Angel (maybe), some Blue/Green Chromis and not sure what else. I plan on keeping lots of coral.....softies, LPS, and SPS. We will be going slow.

It is great to be back and I remember how awesome everyones advice was when I was on this forum years ago.