Yellow Tang eating help needed


Seahorse Owner
I have a yellow tang and it will not eat the food I put in the tank (at leset I have not seen it eat) and it does not eat the seaweed I put in the tank, but it does eat alge from the rocks. But its healthy and happy. What is going on and how do I know if its getting enough for its body?
There must be an infection of some sort. Mine will meet my hand at the top of the tank as will the rest of the fish. Try putting in some mysis shrimp for your tank, i know tangs are mostly omnivores, but mine will eat it like crazy. Tangs will come up with anything wrong in your water, i use a uv light but it is personal preferance. Can you give us any more info on your water stats?
How long have you had the tang? Try different colors of algae/seaweed sheets. If you have it on a clip it just may be to skiddish to eat from it but that changes as it gets used to its new home. One thing I do is take a small piece of seaweed and roll it between my fingers below the water line. This breaks it up in small pieces and allows the power heads to blow it around the tank to areas where the tang is swimming allowing it to feel more secure and eat.
Are you hanging Nori on a clip on the side of the tank? If so, I'd suggest instead rubberbanding nori to a small piece of rock (rubble) and placing it on your rocks in the tank. Some fish are picky and scared of eating off the clip. It might also want a different type of nori - they make red, green, brown. Try different types until you find one that it likes. I personally get a brand that soaks their nori in garlic and the fish love it!
My tang would not eat from a clip. I did what was suggested .....rubberband on a small rock. I even used some fishing line to drop in tank so I could remove without hands in the tank. Works great.