Would like 1 more, but what?


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After the holidays I would like to add another fish back to my tank. My current stocking list is:

Gold Striped Maroon Clown
Flame Angel
One Spot Foxface
Royal Gramma
Yellow tail Damsel
Blue/green Chromis x 2

Until recently a Snowflake Clown and one more Chromis were in the tank too. The Chromis jumped and the Clown is MIA. Tank parameters are solid and most all of the fish have been here for about a year. Except the Maroon clown. He is about 5 months in the tank.

I'd like something with some good color that likes to swim in the mid to upper part of the water column. Has to be compatible with current stock AND be completely reef safe. A non jumper would be good too.

I was thinking of adding another Maroon clown, but the one I have already spends most of its time in the rocks. I have a lot of red/orange in the tank already so I'm think maybe not. I'd love a Mandarin, but with the Dragonette I think they would compete too much for food. Plus its a bottom dweller. I also have very little algae in my tank so a rock cleaner wouldn't be too good either. I could feed Nori, but lets see what else is suggested first.

Some sort of wrasse, like a fairy or a flasher. They come in pretty much every color of the rainbow, and many of them are totally reef safe
Some may disagree with me, but I'm going to suggest a purple tang. It will be active, is aggressive enough to hold its own against maroon, flame angel, and damsel, and is a color other than your existing color scheme. There are varying opinions on the amount of swimming room needed, but I honestly think that a small to medium would do fine in a 90g. They are on the expensive side, so if you go this route I'd definitely do it from LA or even DD so you get a known healthy specimen. If you don't go this route, then you might consider a yellow tang or kole eye tang - both fine for a 90g, a little more peaceful than the purple tang, but would probably be okay with your existing mix, but not quite as different of a color.

My other suggestions would be a fairy wrasse or anthias, but both are jumpers. And if you got a fairy wrasse you would need to get a large male that is more aggressive (Scotts, whip-fin, or red-velvet are the aggressive species) in order to work with your existing list. I'm not sure if the anthias would be picked on or not - they might not be on anyone's radar.
Just checking back in. I haven't decided to add anything at this point. Still bummed about losing the clown and Chromis. Still pretty bummed about my dog.

On top of all of this, my stupid ATO decided to pump in a full 5 gallons of top off water into the sump last night. Everything looks fine and the SG only went down by 1/2 a point or so. Stinking snail got on the sensor! I guess it could have been worse.

I'll post up when I decide what do add. Thanks for the suggestions.
Given my list above, minus the now deceased Dragonette (Scooter Blenny), how would adding an Anthias be? 1 or should I go with a multiple? Also, Are they jumpers?
Anthias are jumpers, and I would add a trio. I'd keep a close eye on your flame angel, maroon and damsel to make sure they aren't bullied. Also, I'd try to make sure the ones you get are fat and happy - they have high metabolisms and need to eat a few times a day. Your tank is pretty established, so you should have enough of a pod and plankton population to meet their needs and not have to feed quite so frequently. But I've heard they are often already starving then they make it to the LFS, so just keep an eye open to get a nice trio of them :) [Anthias are my next addition as well, and I'm watching live aquaria for a nice trio!]
Well shoot. Since they have to be in three's as suggested, I think Ill have to pass on them. You really think a Damsel and Maroon would get bullied by them? They have a reputation for being pretty tough in their own right.
No, I think the damsel and maroon will bully the anthias and pretty much anything else that is more peaceful that you put in there! That's why I suggested the purple tang :)

But if you are concerned about adding 3 fish, I don't think at this point you need to worry about that. Your tank has been up for well over a year and can handle the bioload.