would 48Watt HO-T5 be enough for my 10G


Dude Dude DUDE!!!!!!
i was browsing for lights and saw a light fixture at PETCO for 65$ its a 2-24WATT fixture HOT5 im thinking that would be sufficient for my 10G i woul like to add maybe a clam later on after a while , would that be enough or no?

i have a 2 inch sandbed and about 12/15lbs of LR so i prob have about 8G of actual water
that would give it about 5-6 wpg would that be ok?
4.8w you could keep the low end coral, why don't you look at this?

Odyssea T5 High Output Lighting

50$ with free shipping. I just put one on my 10g at the office.

Those pics should give you an idea of the lighting with actinics and with main lights.


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