AquaticLife T5 HO 4-Lamp Light Fixtures w/ Lunar LEDs


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Anyone ever use this light before: AquaticLife T5 HO 4-Lamp Light Fixtures w/ Lunar LEDs? It comes with (2) 24" T5 HO 24W 420/460 Lamps, (2) 24" T5 HO 24W 700+ Lamps, (2) 1W Lunar LED`s. Are these lights good? How long do they last? Are they good for corals? Are they good for fish? I'm ordering from marine depot. Here is the link: AquaticLife T5 HO 4-Lamp Light Fixtures w/ Lunar LEDs

Is the fixture good? I want lights that help both my coral and fish thrive. Based on the reviews, it seems pretty good.
Aquatic Life is a good fixture. They are a great company with top notch customer service. Most likely you will sant to change bulbs depending on your color preference. Also what size tank is it going over?
I'm glad you brought this up!

I'm looking to upgrade my 90's lighting. I would LOVE an 8 lamp unit. 6 would be great though. One small issue that I have to deal with though. Due to the size of my "hood" I need either a unit that is 46" wide or smaller OR a unit that is slimmer than 2 5/8 inches. I have seen some advertised as being 2 1/2 inches thick, but it reality they are slightly thicker. Even 2, 3 bulb units (if they even exist) would work for me no matter what the thickness. I just have a support in the center that can't be moved.

As always, price is an issue too. I gotta go low budget with mine!
On the website it said that I could get a 48 inch long fixture. If 6 lights or more are better, what kind would you suggest I get? I want it for corals and fish. Maybe a night time light would be a plus. Maybe someone can link to me to some lights?
6 bulbs is sufficient for a 90. 4 bulbs, unfortunately is not. 8 bulbs is overkill, IMO.

On my 90, I used a Current Nova Extreme Pro (6 bulbs, individual reflectors, 48" long).
I will consider the Current Nova Extreme Pro. How much time do you use for the different lights on there?
Anyone know of any other lights?
I just turn them on and off at the same time. I never bothered to stagger them. I kept them on for about 12 hours a day. I did not use the stock bulbs that came with it though, I replaced them with a better combo/quality.
Yeah, the Nova comes with 6 bulbs -- three daylight, three actinic. When fixtures come with bulbs, they usually aren't great quality or a great color combination. They work just fine, but when you get the money and you feel like upgrading to a better brand of bulbs, you will see a big difference in the appearance of the tank.
Ok, about how much do you think a quality bulb would cost? Do you think I should maybe change that combo to 4 daylight and 2 actinic?