Wood aquarium


Reefing newb
I'm seeing all sorts of info floating around online, and I'm asking around to gather info before I start this project next year. Im not looking into a massive project. The total capacity I have in mind is 80 gallons and I'd only be filling to roughly 25-30 gallons for a Red Eared slider.

The aquarium in question will be a Frankenstein of a thing using the glass from three 20L tanks. Think of essentially gluing 4 tanks in a 2x2 grid pattern. Overall weight would be close to 400 pounds, when filled and decorated etc, but the brunt of the weight would be in the water. I'm fairly confident I can build a frame to handle that weight, I'm just looking to be proven wrong BEFORE I find out the hard way.

On a final note, no wood will come in direct comtact with the water, as I have sealant and such, as well as the glass panels.