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Reefing newb
Hey all,

Very new guy here. I've always had an interest in salt water tanks, probably leaning towards a reef aquarium with a few fish. I've read a few books about salt water aquariums as well, but do not recall anything specific to my question. Today, I acquired a tank from a buddy I helped move. The tank, a 36g glass aquarium (he thinks it's 36 gallons). The tank itself looks structurally sound (though I haven't filled it up to test, he swears it's fine).

My first question for you guys is about restoring the tank. I want to clean the hell out of it before I even think about putting water into it. The tank itself is dirty (I have attached a pic). It has water marks around the bottom of it, still has small rocks from the last time it was filled, and has been sitting in a garage for some time. My initial instinct is get some CLR or something abrasive to really clean it well, but my gut tells me that is a bad idea. Everything I seem to find on Google is in regards to cycling water and such after it has been in use. How do you guys suggest I clean this tank? Sorry for the phone pic. The tank is in the back of my gf's car still, and after a day of moving furniture in 115 degree weather (yes I checked), the last thing I want to do is move a huge glass tank.

My second question is in regards to stands. The tank itself is about 30" long and about 12" across. It's kind of a half rectangle with a rounded front. Any good sources for stands for a tank like this?

Lastly, I am located in Los Angeles, specifically in the 818 area code. Can anyone recommend a great local shop I can go to and talk about my needs for the tank?

I greatly appreciate any help with this. I'm lost =(


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Ok As for Cleaning you NEVER want to us a unnatural type of chemical like CLR. The best thing that I would recommend for you is to get about a gallon of Normal house hold Vinegar and Pour the entire thing in there. Fill the tank up and let it soak for a day. then empty about half of it or more out and use a paper towel and it will crystal clear after that.

as for the other questions I dont have the answers for that.
Hello and welcome to the site...glad to have your aboard. I agree with bcool, water and vinegar mix will work...I've even used bleach to clean tanks, just make sure whatever you use, you rinse well.
Hello and Welcome!

It sounds like a bowfront tank you can get through petsmart/petco so i would look there for a stand. The boys have you covered on the cleaning
Thanks for the replies guys. I went out and bought a gallon of distilled white vinegar, so I will empty all the crap out of the tank and fill it up. That will also give me a chance to test that it holds water properly and doesn't leak.

Is it safe to assume that storing it full of water for a day will let me know if it is safe to hold water for long periods of time?
That would be a safe bet. Normally if it does not leak after the first few minutes you can assume that it won't leak however like with mine it wasn't for a few days I notice a little salt build up on a corner. Very minor. But nothing alittle high strength thick super glue could not fix.
Good luck. And there is nothing wrong with letting it sit for more then one day too. Mine was sitting for a few days outside. It rained on the day I had planned to clean it haha. Mine was pretty dirty and now it is crystal clear and looks amazing!