White Spine Tang for sale and 240 gal tank w/ stand and lights

he is a great guy he just liked to pick on biff and she liked it i think made her feel important (just kidding biff put the ban stick down)
James at least you live in a different city. That's one reason I don't reveal who and where I really am or what I do. FEAR.

hey biff whats the least amount you would take for the whole setup or is your price firm. I am interested but couldnt have the money for about 4 weeks. And justin says he will deliver :Cheers: So if you still have it in 4 weeks we will talk about gettin me a new tank but god thats a huge tank
The tank won't be available until mid-July, when I'm moving. I'm moving into a new house and just don't have the time to take care of such a big tank. I haven't had the time for a couple years, so it's been neglected. So 4+ weeks is perfect!!

I'll knock $200 off if a fellow Living Reefer buys it. Tank, stand and lights. $1600.
So i went and looked into getting a sump and skimmer for this tank but i did have a question I saw in one thread somewhere you said you would throw the sand in and the rock would go for like 3 bucks a pound is that still the same offer. So tank, stan, lights, and sand for $1600 to a LR member only and the rock for$3a pound right . Cause I am very interested Biff. also is it a dual overflow system. In the pics I see in your build a thread it looks like it is but cant be sure. Also is there any pre drilled holes in it
since I last posted I did go to your build a thread and saw that it is a pre drilled where are the holes at on the tank
Yes, rock will be available at $3/lb. And the sand is free.

It has dual overflows, one hole drilled in each back corner. It would come with the bulkheads, of course.
Sorry Biff I found a 210 closer to my house but if i find or know somone interested in a big tank I will push them your way:bowdown: