Gobies - $4.99, Ricordea 85% Off -Super Fish, Critter & Coral Sale - While Supplies L


The weather is cool - but these deals are HOT!!!

When you spend $175.00 - you can get 2 Beautiful Tricolor ricordea
for only $2.99 each - 85% off normal retail price!!

Firefish Goby - Only $4.99

Susan of Seattle said "Coral Gobies are nice little fish to have in a non-aggressive tank. They are small and like to find a nice place to perch.
I have one that hosts (lives in) a large green hairy mushroom."​

Clown Gobies: Yellow for $4.99 & Green for Only $6.99

Christa of Miami said "LOVE GOBIES! Tried different types of fish... GOBIES ROCK!
Firefish gobies are super gentle and easy going... get along with everything... and are BEAUTIFUL and fun to watch!!
They remain out in the front of the tank so you can always enjoy their quirky personalities."​

Blond Naso Tang - Only $69.99

Brett of IN raves "I ordered a Blonde Naso from R2G and was blown away with how amazing the fish was that I received.
Def. found my new marine source."​

Anemones - Super Priced:

Rose Bubble Tips - Only $49.99

Green Bubble Tips - Only $19.99

Sebaes - Only $17.99

Kyle of WV commented "This is my second time buying from reefs2go and I love it.
It was bigger than I expected and both of my clown fish are hosting in it "​

Black & Gold Chromis - Only $6.99

Joseph of NJ stated "These little fish are just to die for.
I bought four of them and they are very peaceful And very active throughout my tank.
Thanks reefs2go for another great service."​