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Green Chromis - Only $1.99 each - NO limits!!
Teressa of Iowa says "All of the Chromis that we order arrived well and in great condition. Will definitely order from them again."​

Ocellaris Clownfish - Only $9.99
Seth of Oklahoma stated "I ordered a few of these six months back and they are still very healthy. has amazing stock."​

Rose Bubble Anemone - Only $39.99
Craig of PA exclaimed "This is a beautiful anemone and loves my Maroon clown. Great price and is doing execllent, thanks Reefs2go! :)"​

Sexy Shrimp - Only $9.99

Yellow Coral Goby - $4.99 each - No Limits!!

CoCo Worms - Only $19.99 each

Peppermint Shrimp - Buy 1 for $3.99 Get 1 FREE!
Tangerine of Montana says "Ordered two peppermint shrimp and was sure they were both goners - no signs of life whatsoever. I went ahead with a slow drip acclimation, though, and about an hour and a half later one of them had turned 90 degrees... ten minutes later the other one had moved. Sure enough, in another half hour they were both squirming to get out of the bag. They've been in the tank for several hours now and seem to have completely taken to their new home. Note to potential buyers: ALWAYS ACCLIMATE!!!!"

Your choice of Strawberry, BiColor or Diadema Basslet - Only $9.99

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