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Check out these great Saltwater Fish Specials at Reefs2go.com: Buy 1 Nerite Snail for $.89 - Get 1 FREE
Charlie raved - I love these snails, they all arrived happy and healthy. They were both bigger and prettier than I had expected. They are doing an awesome cleaning the tank walls and my rock. Awesome purchase thanks Reefs2go I will be a returning customer
Juvenile French Angelfish - Only $49.99 (while supplies last) Buy 1 Tapestry Snail for $1.99 - Get 1 FREE!! Juvenile Koran Angel - Only $39.99 (while supplies last)
Lance stated "Very Intelligent Fish, Colors are very Vibrant and beautiful, arrived in awesome condition. I only buy from reefs2go now, no one else guarentees livestock for 14 days with a no hassle refund/credit. 3 u guys..and gals ;)"​
Royal Gramma - Only $9.99
Randy said "Awesome fish, extremely colorful, healthy appetite, and friendly. The fish was larger then I expected (not complaining) I would definitely recommend reefs2go.com and this fish"​
Firefish Goby - Only $4.99
Christa of Miami says "LOVE GOBIES! Tried different types of fish... GOBIES ROCK! Firefish gobies are super gentle and easy going... get along with everything... and are BEAUTIFUL and fun to watch!! They remain out in the front of the tank so you can always enjoy their quirky personalities."​
Banded Serpent Star - Only $8.99 Sally Lightfoot Crab - Only $4.99
Jon of Kansas exclaimed "I purchased 2 of these from Reefs2go about 6 months ago and they are still doing great. I had read reviews that these guys hide alot and in some set-ups you would very rarely if ever see them. I have to disagree, i see them more than i see my 4 Emerald Crabs. These guys pop out of the rock work every time i drop food in the tank. Love these guys!"
Condy Anemone - Only $4.99
Robert of Kentucky said "Got my Anemone yesterday and could not beleave how big it was ..size available was stated 2in but mind was way over 6in or more ..was very pleased with it. Will be ordering more things later on for sure..."​
Buy 1 Brittle Starfish Only $7.99 - Get 1 FREE!
Keith informed us "I received 4 of these. They love hanging out on my live rock.Dont seem to be afraid to come out during daylight hours. Thanks KF"​