where are your powerhead located ion your tank


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right now i have both powerheads close to the top i want to place them behind my rock pointing up (my rock only goes to half my tankin hight) would this be ok

i have my return hose hangin at the top which will be breaking the water
As long as there are no stagnant areas then you should be okay.I prefer to have some of them ripple the surface.I have four total,two facing the front glass and two on the sides facing one another.
if you have your powerheads facing each other, they create a kind of tornado in the tank that spreads into all areas. I have three in my tank and it seems to keep things moving. I am a believer that powerheads do best work at the top of the tank

I have 4 powerheads. Two on the sides facing each other. Two on the back facing front. My two overflows break the surface.
A good convergence spot for back wall power heads or returns is to point both of them at one point about 6 inches in front of the front glass and one third of the depth down from top or just over top of live rock. Provides great chaotic flow acroos most of the front 12 inches of tank.