Where/how would you run powerhead cord JBJ 28g Nano cube


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I just received my Koralia Nano 425 gph powerhead, but I can't seem to find a place where there is a place to run or put the cord so that the lid doesn't have to be ajar... That would let more water evaporate, and contaminants in like cat hair, litter dust, and most of all, these obnoxious asian lady beetles that swarm my tank and I have to remove the bodies constantly. I was hoping there was a small recess in the top lid part, and that I wouldn't have to make it myself? or is there a small removable piece of plastic I'm not able to see while it's set up against the wall? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I see a little spot in the back that looks like it would be a place for cords to go, but the plastic is still sturdy even though it seems semi cutout like. I'm afraid to break it. Has anyone dealt with this? Do you have to remove the lid and cut it with something strong?