whats the diffrence


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its it ok to use the quick check strips to test the water or the test kit with the little bottles :frustrat:
If you are asking is it ok to replace the bottle test kits and only use the strip tests, I would say no.

The strips are better than not testing at all, but they are only a quick test and the accuracy isn't as good as a bottle test.

I would stick with the bottle tests.
it's worth the extra money for good test kits. you don't have to buy them that often but look for shelf life dates on them before you buy them,
I use both.For a quick test for nitrate,PH,and nitrates I like the dip test.If I see a problem I will go to my seachem test kit.
Yeah I dont trust the strips much. But I also dont test like most people do. I use the strips mainly to do quick checks on ammo nitrate and nitrite. If anything seems off I retest with my kit.