Having trouble cycling.


Reefing newb
I have set up a new to me 90 gallon display.( see tank forum for description) I used DR. Tims one and only 16oz total. Then dosed with DR. Tims ammonium chloride per bottle directions. 4 drops per gallon. Figuring with sand and the internal overflow in the tank i only put 300 drops. Now my ammonia is over 8ppm according to my API test. Will the tank still cycle or did this kill the bacteria i introduced? What should i do to get the level down below 4.0ppm?


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Hello, I believe you nitrates are so high because of that dr tim thing, remember your tank is new. Cycle your tank with some clowns and slowly increase the bioload. Do you have a protein skimmer? Just post any guestions and happy reefing.