Should I run a skimmer while my tank is cycling


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Should I run a skimmer while my tank is cycling?

I currently have a 300 gallon tank with a 150 gallon sump and plan on getting a tunze doc 9430 skimmer rated for 800 gallons I currently have a aqua medic turboflotor 1000 rated for only 250 gallons. How long can I run my present skimmer before I need to upgrade?

No, you dont need to run your protein skimmer during start up cycle. Can keep lights off too. I am currently running a protein skimmer under sized for my set up. Keep in mind, skimmers are good for 30% of doc's, the rest is water changes.
I would start running your skimmer during the cycle, it'll give the skimmer time to break in. As far as when to upgrade, I'd do it when you start stocking the tank with fish because again, the new one is also going to need a couple weeks to fully break in.