First time poster: Is my tanks cycling or??


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Long time lurker who finally started her tank:

I started a 75 gallon the last week of August. I began tracking the nitrites, nitrates and ammonia on 8/31, about 3 days after I started the tank. At that time the results were .2, 5, and 0, respectively. I have tested six times since, numbers are always low. Today they dropped a little. They are .02, 1 and 0, respectively. I talked to the LFS guy today. He thought the numbers were low and wanted to the nitrites go up to reflect a cycle. I said I have some leftover Dr. Tim's One and Only bacteria I could add. He thought that was a good idea. I started the aquarium with dead rock and sand. I have a skimmer going. But stopped it for 3 days after applying the bacteria in the beginning like the Dr. Tim's recommended. What do you think. Should I add the bacteria? Should it make the numbers go up? Is my tank in fact cycling?

More info: I have a cleanup crew that's doing a great job on the algae. I have canio (sp? brown algae on sand) I have two tiny clown fish that I feed a small pinch of sinking pellet food once a day. Have LED lights overhead and a 40 gallon sump and my own RODI water filtration system. I have not done a water change yet. Looking forward to comments!
Hello and welcome to the hobby! :)

After your cycle is done your parameters should be low. Your ammonia should read 0, nitrites 0 and your nitrates should be as low as 5 ppm or lower. I have a few questions for you: When did you add your clowns and the CUC to the tank? Are you sure is cyano and not diatoms you have? Could you post a picture of your tank? Are you fish eating and active? I will appreciate if you can answer this few questions.
I wrote this late last night and you're right, it's diatoms, not cyano. I added the clowns about after the forth test...about a week ago. The CUC slightly before that. The clowns are small, and bred by someone who lives in my city. They are very active, curious and glad to eat the pellets I put in once a day. I will see if I can find a picture and post.
I thought it could be diatoms, they're very common in new setups. You should feed them with frozen food too. I feed mine with Formula One and two other brands that I can not recall the names now, variety is the key to success.
Here is my tank. My photo skills are very limited. This was when I first lit up the tank. No fish or snails yet.


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Thanks! My daughter helped me set up the rocks. I wanted an open look with lots of caves for the fish to hid in if they want to.