what the heck is this?


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oh sorry, no i cant take any credit, not mine, i was lookn round at what i thought i would like to get in the future, and i came across this guy, just smiling... but there was no information, just a picture... so i didnt know what it was....
aww, that little guy is agressive???? but he looks so happy! hehehe 'course, my clown allways looks like he's frowning, so....
the porcupine puffer is a cool lil guy:sfish: we had one in our 90 gal aggresive tank and he would actually come up to the top and let you pet him :bounce:we named him GI Joe due to the fact that he looks like hes in camo:mrgreen: but he did have a habit of eating the smaller fish that we had in the tank:grumble:
ours was 90 gal and we had the puffer a lionfish a koran and 2 green carpets:grumble: and a dogface puffer and a couple of clowns the worse part of all of them was the carpets they ate the puffer:frustrat:
um, guess i dont know what a carpet in this context is then, cause when i say carpet, i cant see it eating a fish, unless the fish is going surfing...
really, so i guess i was under the wrong impression then... i figured by having such a unique defence mech, that they would be more passive... hmmm the things you learn...
Puffers HAVE to nibble.They do that to wear their teeth down.If they dont,the teeth will grow to the point the fish cant feed.
Even tho they are a predator,they tame down fairly decent.There used to be a big golden dogface at the store,that loved to have his belly scratched,just like a dog.He'd spit water at you until you scratched him.
I used to have a GSP in a brackish tank that you could pet on the head and hand feed. His name was Martin.
Sadly I had to get rid of him because I wanted to go reef, but I set him up in a 30g tank for a friend so I still get to see him if I want.
Puffers are really cool fish with tons of personality, sucks that they're limited to species tanks and aggressive tanks.