What is this???


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Bought this yesterday and was dismayed to find the name of the coral isn't on the receipt- so being old and feeble minded, I of course don't remember what the name of this coral is... anybody care to help me out here?
When it has its tentacles out, place a little bit of food on them, and they will move the food to the mouth. You can feed them meaty bits, like chopped up squid, scallops, shrimp, or mysis.
and, BTW, Sarah - I'm SUPER JEALOUS of your mega-tank... I've only had my tank going 3 months and already it's clear 55 gallons is TOO SMALL...
be careful that sand does not get into the mouth. It can clog up the coral and kill it. if you notice sand getting into it, swish your hand above the coral to get rid of the sand.

-Dr Marco :sfish:
I think I have a problem with the Fungia - I caught the Flame Angel nipping at it... anybody ever heard of this? I've seen him go back and consider taking another bite - but seems to hesitate -maybe he thinks it's not such a tasty treat - doesn't he get stung in his mouth when he munches on a tentacle? - Any thoughts? I thought the Angel would develop an appetite for the Xenia - which so far it is ignoring...
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I've of em doing that before.Its just their nature to nip.

Wish my flame would nip these dang kenya weeds.

As for the coral stinging the fish,It may be.But it could be such a lite sting that the isnt bothered by it.
Its common with Angels(even the dwarfs).I would keep an eye on the plate,it may not survive the constant harassing.I wonder what the Angel would do if you place food on the tentacles of the plate?

Well Doc,see Angels are not trustworthy around corals.I value my corals to much.I would have to take the fish outside and beat it with a stick!

I admit, my corals do get nipped from time to time. I keep them well fed and the nipping is a minimum. They recover quickly from being nipped. It is still worth the risk. Don't worry, the Navarchus Angel is safer than even pygmy angels, IMHO. Still worth the risk my friend.

-Dr Marco :sfish: