what is it?


Reefing newb
just curious, some of my live rock has what I can only describe as cobwebs in the crevices. Kind of a white cloudy gooey looking thing (I know it's a great description)
Any ideas?
Sounds like vermented(sp?) snails to me.
I've got several of them.Their pretty much reef safe as long as the webs dont bother your corals.
Vermetid snails-a sessile snail that lives in a tube or spiral tube.They throw out a cobweb looking fishing line to capture food particles from the water column.Reef safe but can irratate and keep corals from opening.If you see a tube then these are what you have.


comb jelly-related to jellyfish except it sessile and really have no sting,the body is jelly/clearish and has long fine feathery web that also catches food particles.Reef safe but eventually dies off when the tank matures more.