What is a durso?


Reefing newb
I am building my first reef, and am trying to find things that work for me and my tank. Everyonce once in a while something is mentioned tha I dont know what it is. I just read about a durso, sorry for the newb question but what is it and does anyone have a picture?

A Durso lets air into your overflow standpipe to cut back on noise. Do a search under Durso overflow or Richard Durso. There is even a design modification for cramped corner overflows. Making your own Durso is quite a bit cheaper than using pre-mades like Megaflows or Oceanic overflows. Some people find an improvement for the Durso is to insert a 6" or 8" length of airline tubing through the top vent hose and then raise or lower it until the noise is the least objectionable.