What happened to my frogspawn?


Reefing newb
It was fine two days ago, then I noticed the big ugly worm thing (that I hate) near it last night.

Today, I came home from work and it looked like this:


The whole thing is completely retracted, more that I've ever seen it- even when I've moved it. Then there's a cloudy slime on the top half, and it looks like the tentacles underneath are gone. The bottom half is retracted and looks like it's probably not going to make it.

Checked all water levels. They're good. All the other corals are good.

What happened? :cry:
I'm not sure but it doesn't sound good.Honestly,I would remove it because its sliming which suggest its melting away.It could be a brown jelly infection,not sure.I do see some brown on the right side of the coral.

Iodine dip and QT is all you can do.
BTW,Brown jelly is a fungal infection common in LPS corals but can occur on soft corals too.
Frogspawn removal is complete. It's now in a tupperware container on the counter.

I have another one in my tank that looks very healthy, so it really wouldn't kill me to throw away this one.

There was a little bit of brownish stuff near the white slime. Is a brown jelly infection something that's contaigous? Or does it come from some kind of damage?

This is the same frogspawn that I dropped the day that I bought it.
Brown jelly is contagious,yes.Its usually comes as a secondary infection after a coral is damaged.I believe the rest will be okay.Keep a close eye out on the others.
corals that get eaten are cleanly taken out of the skeleton. that slime does mean infection. good call on taking it out. sorry for your loss