What do you think of my parameters?


Reefing newb
Alkalinity 8.5
Calcium 580-600
KH 179
No-2 0
NO-3 5
ammonia 0
PH 7.8-7.9
Salinity 1.026-1.027

I have a BC 29 I normally do a 5gl WC once a week but it will be 2 weeks this time.
I have LR a frogspawn, toadstool, 2 clowns, peppermint shrimp, Randall goby,star fish and a sea urchin and cuc
If you think my parameters are off please give ideas how to adjust them, I think my calcium is high but I don't know how to lower it.

Thank you
Yes your calcium is high. Are you dosing anything?

You may just be getting an inaccurate reading on calcium. The rest of your parameters look good.
Your calcium is a little high. What brand salt do you use? Some brands have higher than normal calcium levels.
You list your alkalinity as 8.5, which I will assume is the measurement in dKH....but then you show your KH as 179? I'm not sure what your are measuring there. Alkalinity at 8.5dKH = 3.03 meq/l = 151.7 ppm. These 3 numbers are all the same result.
No im not dosing anything,
I use Kent reef salt,
and i will get back to you on the alkalinity thing
My tank is doing really well I have almost no algae but i don't know if that is good for my cuc

This site really helps me thank you to everyone of you
Your Calcium is a little high for sure, I would say your salinity is slightly high also, I would lower it to 1.025 max. Not sure what Kent salt mixed Mg levels rating is, maybe check that out as the Mg relates to the calcium content in the salt..
I use Instant Ocean and it has a mixed Mg level of 1100 so I dose to Calcium, Alk & Mg to fine tune. You may see a drop in your Calcium if you lower the salinity but it's going to take some time.
Also a 20% WC every 2 weeks is good, what testing kit are you using?
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ok did a 5gal WC this afternoon tested for KH ( i did not know that KH and alkalinity are the same) I used two test kits, Elos says alkalinity on it and API says KH test kit on it. They were the same 9.5 - 10 also tested my CA that is high 580-600 and my salt was a little high 1.027 I will add RO/DI water to bring that down.
What are you testing your calcium with? I've never used Elos Ca kits and wouldn't use API for testing Ca, does API even make a Ca test kit? I use Salifert kits for Ca, Alk & Mg and only Hanna for phosphate testing. API is ok for ammonia ,nitrite, nitrate etc. I don't mean to sound like a know it all regarding testing, I'm just telling you what works well for me.
So you did a 5g RO/DI water change and your going to adjust your salinity down to 1.025.
Leave it be for 4 or 5 days other than top ups with non mixed RO/DI fresh water and then check your levels. Did you find out what the mixed MG level is for Kent? :thumbsup:
+1. Hydrometers are notoriously wrong. Pick up a refractometer when you can you will be much better off.
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if your lfs has a refractometer have them test your water and compare to your hygrometer then you will know if its right or not my is and always has been right on the money