New tank syndrome?


Northern Reefer
So I have had my 30G up for almost 3 weeks now, only inhabitants are 2 Picasso clowns and the CUC

I do have a hammer, frogspawn, zoas, mushrooms, GSP and a Goni...all seem to be doing good except for the Gonapora which are know are extremely hard to keep, I do feed phytoplankton twice a week

anyways, I keep getting air bubbles all over everything, which is the start of an algae outbreak I am told...I have a BRS phosphate reactor running right now with their best GFO, I am using a 4 stage RODI unit with Reef Crystals

Is this just new tank syndrome or what's going on?? I have two phosphate test kits and both read zero (API and Salifert)

other parameters: PH: 7.8, Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 0, Phosphate: 0, calcium 460, Alkalinity: 7.7
If you don't have microbubbles in your tank, it's the O2 the algae is releasing as it's growing. I wasn't saying you don't do water changes. I was saying more frequent would nip it in the bud a little.
Oh I know, I was just giving some info on husbandry...I switched to reef crystals and my calcium is already at 460, I really don't want to raise it anymore by doing bi-weekly WC's or even more than that

I would have thought my GFO reactor would nip the algae, I have a full cup in it and I change it every 2 weeks
I am thinking it's my algae faze of the tank, maybe I need to get some more CUC...I have 6 hermits, an emerald, cleaner shrimp, 7 nassirus and 8-9 Astrea snails

they are eating the algae, just slowly