Did my tank cycle


Reefing newb
I upgraded to a 300 gallon tank, it's been up and running for about 4 months. I just have 6 blue chromis, 8 anthias, kole tang, blue hippo tang, 2 clown fish and copper band butterfly. I think I might have donetoo many water changes to early. I was doing 50 to 60 gallons once a week. All the parameters were perfect..nitrate 0, phosphate 0 ect..My big problem which I can't understand is that I have hair algae growing. How is that? I also have a few pieces of coral doing great. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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What kind of equipment do you have? How much are you feeding?

A lot of times when you're seeing algae you'll get false negative zero readings since the algae is using all the nutrients. If you have algae, something is feeding it.
I have a 75 gallon sump
With a protein skimmer rated for 700 gallons, media reactor with rowaphose, I feed frozen food one time a day and turn all the pumps off during feeding.
What are you feeding? Is this a Fowlr or reef? What is light schedule? Are you using RODI water or tap? The hair algae is being fed by something,
I feed frozen food, it's a reef. I have led the lights ramp up to 60% for 4 hrs then ramp down. And I use rodi water. Someone had thought that maybe it wasn't fully cycled and the good bacteria didn't grow, but I'm with you something is feeding it.
I would think its excess nutrients from feeding. Do you thaw the frozen food then strain it before it goes in the tank? I would try that or half the feeding amounts and seeing if that makes a difference. There are a few other options like a algae scrubber (which I havent tried but am really thinking I will soon) or a refugium with macro algae. I have really seen a difference in my battle with hair algae from my addition of emerald crabs and the refugium. I had a big bloom for two reasons...first I moved my tank about a month ago, second knowing i was moving the tank I didnt keep up on my maintenance as well I should have (really kicking myself for that) I run chemi-pure elite which is similar to rowaphose so that is the same. It is going to take time to see any difference, only bad things happen fast when you are reefing.
I'm going to add a refugium next week. But does the tank not fully cycling make sense? Your so right that nothing good happens fast
I would think you are cycled however you can get a mini cycle very easy. Anything that can spike your ammonia will set it off. Change rock around, stir up the sand. add a bunch of fish, something dies and you dont know. etc....Hair algae is a sign of excess nutrients.