Well Get Ready!

ya and the tide is bout to go out leaving garbage all over our beautiful beach...ROLL TIDE!!! right down the hill! :mrgreen:
man dave, you never post anymore and all you can come up with is bama finally has a chance at not being the worst team ever. whatever happened to the passion for the hobby. I want to see you post how awesome your tank is going to be because of some great coral you just purchased. :mrgreen:
I dont think bama fans have a state to claim! Most of them are homeless and dont get to watch them really play. thats why they are such big fans. plus you notice they never pronounce the ALA before the BAMA. thats like saying I like SSEE.
The only way Bama will ever see a spark of life is to raise bear from the dead and magically cure prothrow, if the team had dinamite for brains they couldnt figure out how to blow their own noses.
Wow you guys are good! I havent heard comebacks like these since 3rd grade. How do you do it?

No really get ready. He will be at BAMA for a long time and win a few National Championships. I understand the envy factor going on right now with you Ga, UT, and AU fans and I understand. But there's nothing you can say to rain on my parade.

Also I know most of you that posted dont even follow the college game much and your just fair weather fans anyway so I am not sweating it. :)


Is that why we beat you 9 out of 10 meetings? I do however keep up with it and with those stats you can guess my team. But hey congrats maybe just maybe he can turn americas college parole team around. At least untill oct when they get "smoked". :) and I dont envy "bama" fans we already have the coach with the most wins in college history.
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Well Jelly maybe you should check the UT forums. Your UT buddies are all calling for Fulmers head. I think hes a great coach and has proven himself, but most UT fans want him gone now.

Also 9 out of 10 is why we are excited about a new day at UA. Also we do hold the record for most wins against you over all. Also we do have 12 national championships, the Viles have 2. If you want to break out records, we can do that no problem. :)

Oh and UT want be smoking anything next year, well maybe at least not on the field. Hey did you hear that Meachem declared for the draft??

Oh as far as parole goes, were Bama not Miami. LOL!

Also your saying you have the coach with the most wins in college history?
none taken friend Im a big ball fan my other 2 brothers and I have 2 different teams so Im used to it :)! As for meachum he deserves it he is a great player like someone else I know that people are awaiting his return Im not naming any names (prothrow) yes I am fully aware of bamas capabilities my wife is a bama fan. Best of luck for your team this season Nick is a great coach and hopefully he can put bama back where they should be or at least make them some formitable competition! :)
When you loose to MSU you have to make changes.... i'm an MSU fan and know you don't get beat by us and plan on keeping your job hehe..

Go Dawgs.
LOL!!! MSU..... :(

You hit the nail on the head Brandon.

Also Jellyman, I feel for you bro living in a split house like that! ;)