Video of the horses


Seahorse Whisperer
Found my daughter's old flip video and thought it would be fun to shoot breakfast.

[ame=]YouTube - Feeding the seahorses[/ame]

I added decapsulated artemia to this feeding to see if they liked it. They didn't

Sure seems like they are not too outgoing. You have to make sure the food flies right past em or they won't eat will they? At least that's how it looked. Awesome vid. Seahoarses are rad, I can see feeding time beeing too stressful for me haha.
Seahorses are pathetically slow eaters. I'm amazed that they survive in the wilds because the food practically has to swim up their snout in order to eat.

I usually target feed but I scatter feed lately since I'm adding food in for the corals.

They are amazing animals, I started off with 2 but decided not to go for it for this tank. Mine didnt eat that slow though, they actually ate faster, and more than the clown fish that I have now!