Two 45's or one 90?


Reefing newb
Now that I have adequate flow in my 180, I want to reduce my return plumbing from two to one and I want the plumbing to be as straight as possible. I'm going to try a 45 right out of the pump and out of the sump to the back of the tank and then put another 45 to go up to the top. I'm just not sure I have enough room for the 45 degree angle to go from sump to back so I might need to use four 45's total, two coming out of the sump, the one from the pump then a second to level out then a third from the straight piece to the back of the tank and a fourth to go up the back.

Would it be better if I used two or four 45's to achieve the straightest flow or should I just use 90's? I already have two 90's to go over the top and into the tank.