turning dry rock into live rock need help


Reefing newb
i am going to buy a new 90 gallon tank im getting off craigslist. im not going to really get going on it till august (when we move) but i know it takes along time to turn dry rock into live rock. so im wanting to do that now to avoiding waiting in august. im still pretty new to everything. what would be the best way to cycle the rocks over? would i need to put them into the tank with some live rock and wait or would it be better to put it all in a tot in the basement and wait? idk how this works i dont have any of the equipment for the new tank yet. i plan on slowly buying everything as i see different deals. so the minimum i need to do this now would be best

also srry if i posted this in the wrong area
I would look for something in a 300 watt range, preferably titanium. Most likely going to take a couple months to liven them up.
As far as flow, it depends on what(livestock) you're gonna put in the tank, but the minimum would be 10x the tank size...so you'd need at least 900 gph flow rate.