Cycle or no cycle? that is the question


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I currently have a 70 gal reef tank probably 5 years old. And setting up a new 120 gal reef tank in my basement. The 70 gaI is going to merge into the 120. I started off with roughly half the water with clean fresh made saltwater. I bought about 30lbs. Of live rock put it in the tank. I put a couple of rocks from my 70 gal. In there as well. Waited about 2-3 weeks with no filter. Did some testing 0 across the board. I then did a water change on my 70 gal. And used the cycled dirty water in the 120 almost filling it to the top. Cleaned my media filter in the 120 turning the water brown let the waste water settle. Added a bio wheel filter and 2 circ fans for some water movement and filtration then added more rock from the 70 gal. Waited another 2 weeks. More testing 0 across the board again. Meanwhile I've been also adding flake food to the tank. Scratching my head do I have a cycle or not I didn't see it happen. 2 week go by more testing 0 across the board again. Decided to put 3 chromis in the tank waited a week tested same result. Then added 2 clowns 2 weeks later test same results 0 ammonia nitrite and nitrate I bought new test kits and still the same results. Patients is running thin as I want to see my fish and coral all in their new 120 gal home. What do you think.
Welcome to the forum @Geekysteve! :) I can understand your frustration, bet you must be keen to get on with things. I'm guessing you didn't test the water at any point between the times you mentioned in your post?