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I think the mexican turbo that's been cruising around my tank might be dead or dying. He hasn't moved from one part of the tank just sitting on the sand bed for almost 2 days. He has a.. net, for lack of a better word, of white junk that's hanging down from in between his shell and his body. Earlier today after a light prod, he sucked himself back up into his shell and hasn't come out since. Been in the tank for a couple weeks now and seemed happy and healthy up until yesterday. Water parameters are all normal. I'm reluctant to believe he's dead since my hermits and my shrimp aren't interested in him at all.

sick? normal weird snail behavior? What can I do to help?
Since your cuc isn't bothering him, he may be ok...but to be sure, pull him out the water and see if he draws up tight inside his shell. If he does then he ok, just weird.
Mine did that and then they died, slowly. I later realized my salinity had dropped off a few points and the LFS guru said that might kill the snails.
Went to grab him and pull him out of the tank to see if he tightened up but he looks like this.


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They normally work around the clock. I never see mine take a break and sit in the same spot for more than a day.
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