Trying to make the best choice..


Reefing newb
I'm really looking for help making a decision on what's best for my corals. Currently I have a 29 gallon Bio Cube 2" sand bed with 31 lbs of live rock. I have added a media basket to the second chamber along with some cheato. I'm running chemi-pure elite and also purigen. Stock PC lighting 1- 36watt 10,000k and 1-36watt Atinaic. 2- Hydor Koralia 425's.

I recently bought a 20 long added a Zoo Med AquaSun T-5 HO 30" with 1-10,000k 24 watt and 1- 24 watt Atinaic. Also in the hood are 2- Ecoxotic 24" 12 watt 50/50 stunners. This system also has a eshopps pf-nano overflow rated at 200gph, 10 gallon sump with cfl shop light for the fuge. I was thinking of using a maxi-jet 1200 for the return pump. Currently I also have a Hydor Koralia 240 in the
Current stock
Torch Coral
2 acans
2 different zoa colonies
2 birds nest
Candy Cane
Purple Montipora Dijitata
Green Montipora Digitata
Green Colt
Pulsing Xenia
Yellow watchman golby
1 turbo
2 scarlet hermits
1 blue legged hermit
1 emerald crab

I was giving 90% of the coral a few weeks ago by a friend. I am really trying to figure out which of the two systems would benefit my corals the best. Any help you guys can be would be awesome.
i'm no expert, but i think you should set up both tanks and use one for the sps corals and one for the lps and the soft corals. In a small tank like that, they will be affected by each other and they sps will probably lose.

Oh, and either way you should definately get some more snails. Hope that helps.