Trim for front of tank


Reefing newb
I did my own built in tank stand that's basically the tank at the left corner and stand from floor to ceiling and next to the tank on the right I have two doors for storage and such. What I want to do is frame in the tank and cover the black rim of the tank with some sort of trim. I need this to be at least 3 1/2" thick. I'm trying to figure out what would look good and wondered if anyone else has done this and can post a pic of it or something like it. I don't know if I should make my own out of 1x4's or buy some premade. Also, due to the size I need it to be, my options are very limited. They don't make a lot of trim/casing more than 3"
You might be able to use some base board and if you have a router you could put a design on the bottom edge or just leave it square.