trachyphyllia inflation


I just bought this trachyphyllia yesterday. After a couple hours It was inflated and looked awesome. Today when I got home fom work, it was super inflated, definately way more than what i would consider normal. Is this normal or do they do this on occasion? Is it just acclimating to the tank? It is on the sand with low/moderate flow.
Yes, they take in water and there skin tone turns more translucent. Either from adjusting to your chemistry or it ate something. These are the boss of the tank, mine tried eating a rbta.
If that photo is how it looks I'd say it's nothing to worry about, it looks good to me

That picture is how it looked about 2 hours after putting into the tank. The next day it looked inflated like a balloon. Today it is not inflated at all.... Hopefully still getting acclimated to the tank....