To drill or not to drill?


Acquired another 10G tank tonight and figured...since i screwed up my old attempt at a sump with a 20H, let's learn from the mistakes and do it right this time.

To drill or not to drill. That is the question. Strapped for cash like no other, the main reason I'm considering drilling (or getting someone that knows what they're doing) to avoid having to buy or build an overflow box.

Thanks guys
I would drill since I already have the drill for it. Don't have to worry about the overflow or the siphon.

Of course, not to drill is easier. No need to buy the drill and learn to drill.
I would not bother with an overflow or drilling. Just do it filterless/skimmerless like I did with my 10 gallon tank. All I had on it was a heater and a powerhead.